Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights

The firm's activities in intellectual property counseling and litigation are supervised and conducted by Prof.Dr. Ortan and Att. Rana Ortan. Our services are:

a) Patents, Industrial designs and Integrated Circuits
Our Patent Law Practice includes patent litigation, licensing, client counseling on patent strategy. Prof. Dr. as being one of the most distinguished scholars in the area of patents and industrial designs; protection and enforcement of trade secrets and counseling and litigation related to such protection form a significant portion of the firm's intellectual property practice.

Ortan&Ortan is also committed to furnishing services to the pharmaceutical sector. Our attorneys help to provide optimal protection and profitable exploitation of our clients' valuable technologies. Solving legal problems and counseling on regular basis relating to the commercialization of drugs and other medical equipment is the basis of our practice.

b) Copyright and related rights
The firm's Copyright Practice includes registration, licensing, client counseling, litigation and copyright protection. The firm is also very active in related fields such as entertainment, literary practice, product endorsements, right of privacy, right of publicity, and all areas of unfair competition. Additionally, the firm holds experience in the area of antitrust as it relates to intellectual property.

c) Trademarks
Our comprehensive trademark practice includes the following areas:

·Trademark clearance and branding: Conducting searches to determine the availability of proposed trademarks, service marks and domain names and rendering opinions as to their availability and registrability.

·Turkish trademark registration : Preparing and prosecuting applications for trademark and service mark registration

·Infringement litigation : Prosecuting and defending opposition and cancellation proceedings before the courts and other authorized bodies within and outside Turkey.

d) Domain Name Protection
The interplay between domain names and trademarks creates interesting legal issues. We devote time to explore the possible means of domain name protection in this relatively new are of Turkish legal system.

e) IP Related Business Transactions
Our attorneys are skilled in negotiating and drafting all types of agreements relating to intellectual property. The most common type of agreement relates to the licensing of intellectual property rights. Licensing agreements range from high technology -- protected by patents and trade secrets law (and copyrights, in the case of computer software) protected by copyrights, to famous trademarks, protected by trademark registrations. We are also proficient in structuring franchising licenses as well as confidential disclosure agreements which enable inventions, inventive concepts and confidential information